Saturday, February 13, 2010

Team Insight: Black Sox.

These are the questions answered by the team insight.
1. How do you feel about these season?

I am happy with this season so far, I spent a fortune for SS Jung Hasagawa in the offseason and after the 1st quarter of the season if you had asked me I would have said it was a disaster,but now he has rebounded from a slow start and looks like he should win the NL silver slugger at SS .

2. What about next season?

next season should be another good one , all my pitching will return, but I have 2 decisions to make on offense veterns Kiki Rosario and Floyd Sinclair are free agents who I am really not sure I want to bring back,
both are looking for 2 year deals, but I am leaning towards letting them go and getting a couple draft picks ( hopefully)

3. Where do you plan to take this team?

I have no prospects, so my plan is to keep this team afloat as long as possible through free agency. I don't have any bad contracts at the moment and as long as I keep it that way, I should be ok since I have gotten most of my scouting budgets as low as I have been able to, and will soon get them zeroed out.

4. Where do you see you need your biggest improvements in the off-season?

I need to get younger, but I don't see that happening.

I would love to get my hands on a speed guy off the bench, I tried to get all time SB leader Vin Hume, but New Orleans didn't want to deal him. by looking at next season's free agent class I don't see much I am interested in, so the biggest

improvement I can probably make is to improve my long term flexabilty by front loading Ernest Cashman 's contract as much as possible to give my self some extra money to throw at a free agent in 2 years when there is a better crop comming up

5. What excites you the most about your team?

the most exiting thing about this team is it's pitching I think we match up favorably with any other pitching staff in this world and come playoff time the depth of the staff should help get back to the world series after a 2 year absence after going to the series 6 of the first 7 years

6.What worries you the most?

age and engine changes worry me the most WIS keeps changing the sim engine and with a vetern (expensive team ) a couple engine tweaks could change everything and I would be stuck with long term expensive contracts that no one would want

7. Who do you think people should watch in the upcoming season from your team?

Slim Davis after hitting 51 HR's last season he has struggled this season a strong last couple weeks has brought his numbers into respectability, but he had been hovering around .220 for most of the season. I fully expected him to compete for NL MVP this season, with sinclair and rosario most likely moving on , he is going to be counted on to carry the load

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